Hello, welcome to the official WordPress website of Underdoge Korea. Underdoge Korea is a fanmade entertainment company dedicated to promote and upload Kpop content. Currently, Underdoge Korea has a Kpop cover group called Krome, pronounced (Kro-muh). They also have a YouTube channel. They are planning to create a Facebook, Twitter, and an Amino app page very soon, so stay tune.

In this website, Nier of Underdoge Korea will provide Kpop MV Reviews. There are currently a list of reviews he is following, but he is also open to suggestions. If you want him to do a reveal on a certain MV, feel free to tell him.


About Me

Hi, I am Nier, which is my stage name. My real name is Bryan Ha. I am 19 year old college student in Cal State LA, and I am an aspiring actor, singer, writer, and performer. I am also Asian-American, and a huge fan of K-pop. (Generally I’m a fan of all genres of music that ARE GOOD *I’m looking at you mumble rappers*) In terms of online gigs, I am a member of an online voice acting group called Neko Dubs, Vax in Critical Role the Musical, Gakupo in Vocaloid cover group, and also, the founder of Underdoge Korea, a fanmade entertainment company that produces K-pop related content. In it, we have a K-pop cover group called Krome (Kro-muh) and I am the main male vocalist and main rapper. I am a content-creator as well.

I decided to integrate my Kpop MV Review series into this blog because I am not able to commit as much time needed to do a video and upload it to YouTube. I simply had too much commitment with school and other commitments. However as a genuine Kpop fan who wants to talk about it, I still want to continue it. Therefore, I moved it to here. However, I plan to make MV Review videos of reviews that I’ve done in this site once I’m on winter or summer break.

Nevertheless, thank you for visiting this website, and I hope you will support this site, but also me and Underdoge Korea. Look forward to my reviews!



Here are links to me and the Kpop Cover group social media. If you want to audition for the group, feel free to click the link, and follow the audition video procedure. We are also open to collaborations.

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